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Yurt Life

2011-2017 We lived in a yurt in Jerusalem mountains, we build and sew all parts and fabrics. That lifetime taught me modesty, simplicity and a strong connection to nature around me. We need so less to walk on this planet then we usually experience.

Growing Food

the aquaponic system maximizes the number of green leaves according to x unit of the soil surface. the system working as close-loop - fish tank, biofilter, plant pipes. 

as I experience the results are much better than soil planting + less water. 

Human Waste

using my soil sifter to clean the soil in my backyard after decades of neglect, a lot of old/new products came is frustrating to watch our culture polluting nature around. From a time point of view, we are designing and manufacturing products that appointed to go directly from industry to grave.

Winner Team 2019

Ministry of health competition dealing with problematic sports areas in the urban parks and sidewalks, the winning proposal was an integrated solution of high technology and a deep understanding of urban pedestrian needs. 


Innovative design thinking increases biomass in the high-density urban structure. creating biophilia space at home and high benefit for the city as clean air and resources for wildlife as bees, birds, and mammals. 

Electric Soil Sifter

model no'2 tested in mud house building site in north Israel, hokuk 2016.

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